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Spixie, by DfectiveDvice :iconbonesatellite:BoneSatellite 75 20
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Endgame - 3
Episode 3: Depthcharge
Orcelot Rex alighted on the Absolution's dorsal section like a weightless Goliath. He brought his arm up to chest level and a small control panel slid open just behind his wrist where he punched in some commands. Behind him, his assault ship detached from the weaker yet infinitely larger vehicle's plating and gently thrust itself forward until it was hovering over the nose of the broadcast ship. It fired another small explosive into the vessel's prow end, burning through the deep blue one-way glass to create a fresh hole complete with enormous cracks in its opaque surface. Then it returned to the Absolution where it re-engaged its versatile clamps, gripping its comparatively softer plating like claws.
Rex strolled forward with magnetic footsteps across the Absolution's contoured body. Even with naturally broad strides, it took a minute to reach the prow from the command center, but he had no need to make haste. Passing his assault ship
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Endgame - 2
Episode 2: Commence Destruction
The Absolution was still. Whatever motion the huge ship retained was due to the recent impact and the momentum left from its no longer functioning engines as it slowed to a halt in the middle of deep space. Surrounded by red flashes and alarms, TOM pushed himself up in the dark bridge. Any time the Absolution's control center got this dark or noisy, it was bad news, and now it was suffering both symptoms at the same time. He looked at the outboard camera feed to see the great empty spot that the ship's reactor had occupied less than a minute ago. The sight of scorched and twisted metal made his stomach sink.
"Oh, man … What the heck hit us, Sara?"
"It looks like a guided photon mine," she responded promptly, displaying a freeze-frame of the video. "It came out of that same point in space where I thought I'd seen a glitch in the radar. As we can now determine, it was no glitch."
"No kidding. It just came out of nowhere you say?"
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Mature content
Endgame - 1 :iconbonesatellite:BoneSatellite 6 8
Mature content
Toonami: Dead or Alive :iconbonesatellite:BoneSatellite 11 19
At Least It Can't Get Any Worse"
Chapter Five: And Away We Go

Nigel knelt in the dust of a back ally where his new pokemon were gathered around him. "Okay ..." he said, "... think fast!" Like a casino employee dealing cards, he tossed an iron horseshoe and two different kinds of pokemon food into the open mouths of his three companions.
"All set?" he asked when they'd finished. Eevee responded with a positive chirp, but the other two just tilted their heads. "Okay then ..."
He stood up. At the end of the ally and across the street was a large warehouse. The door was hidden somewhere in a shadowy recess. "Let's get this show on the road."
Nigel stood with his feet planted at one end of the arena, tossing a pokeball into the air and catching it. Across the dusty arena floor, his opponent stood motionless, his face concealed by ten-inch-long dreadlocks covering his head like a shaggy bucket.
"Ready!" shouted the announcer. "Fight!"
In this style of pokemon battling, both trainer
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Trapped in Hyperspace - 6
Episode 6: A Need for Hyperspeed
[Time to impact: 00:08:54]
The world shook. As far as his senses could discern, there a violent quaking tearing the universe apart. The first thought that entered his devitalized mind was an acknowledgement of his failure. He wanted to to rise up and watch the end come, but no power had yet returned to his mechanical body. Despair settled in as he continued to rock back and forth on the cold metal deck.
Then the impact came ...
Clyde drew back to see if that would wake up the Toonami host. When it didn't, the smaller robot darted in to resume beating him.
Not that the shuddering platform in the communications bay wasn't already doing a good enough job. The Absolution was still trapped in hyperspace on a deadly approach to Earth with all systems shut down. The entire ship was going nuts, making his immobile body bounce around on the disc-shaped platform. As bits of comprehension dawned, his mind rose past the rumbling a
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Mature content
ALICGAW - 4 :iconbonesatellite:BoneSatellite 1 0
Trapped in Hyperspace - 5
Episode 5: Saving Sara
[Time to impact: 00:23:15]
On his way across the link that would take him to Sara, TOM was physically and mentally tense. Physically and mentally "on edge" would also be a good way to put it, he thought, sparing a glance down. Up ahead (too far ahead as far as he was concerned) the link connected to a towering beacon of light. However Sara had produced it, it was marking the position of a sadistic AI. Even with his goal in sight, he still felt as vulnerable as a firefly in a bat-infested cave. He tried to remind himself that the shortest distance between two points was a straight line like the one he was on, but that wasn't much of a comfort when the point he was trying to reach never seemed to draw any nearer. That, and traveling in a straight line made him a pretty easy target ...
Just don't think about it, just don't think about it ... he repeated to himself.
A shower of fire suddenly came streaking down from above. He twisted his h
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Trapped in Hyperspace - 4
Episode 4: Under Control
[Time to impact: 00:38:45]
TOM strode into the armory with Clyde at his shoulder. The Absolution's weapon stash was on the small side, due to it being an interstellar broadcast/exploration ship rather than a military, security, or police agency vehicle. It offered a double rack of Kiefer B-9 plasma pistols, a single row of Kiefer A-1 vacuum assault rifles, and a moderate store of explosive charges. Walking up to a storage unit, he selected an A-1 and held it vertically to examine it. Satisfied, he jerked his arm up and back down again, using the rifle's momentum to pump the slide. "If Swayzak won't let me shut them down, then I'll just shoot them down." He and Clyde took off into the deeper bowels of the ship.
The pair soon reached the cargo bay personnel door. There was no air to carry the sounds of anarchy from inside, but TOM could just barely feel the metal floor vibrating from the DOKs' mindless weapon discharges. "I don't have enough
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Trapped in Hyperspace - 3
Episode 3: A Serious and Viable Threat
[Time to impact: 00:49:01]
Swayzak stirred within his hidden server behind custom-designed firewalls that had been programmed to mask his location by disguising themselves perfectly as part of the cyberverse itself. They guaranteed that his fortress would never be found unless he intentionally guided someone to it. With hundreds of space-going ships and their individual control systems under his unwavering control, he was, pending argument, the most powerful individual in that current sector of space. None of those ships would be coming out of hyperspace until they were nose-to-ground with any solid object of his choosing. For example: planet Earth.
The destruction ... the chaos ... the power! Hm-hahahahaa! He couldn't help laughing. The concept of dealing out death to millions of people in a single epic moment was indisputable thrill no matter who you were. My plans will culminate in a grand, spectacular event, and the pil
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On the way to the exit after seeing Ready Player One, a passerby was incredulous that he was the only one of his friends who'd seen Buckaroo Banzai. I, however, was curious if anyone had recognized the Glaive (from Krull), which made a cameo. Krull - released 1983, featuring Liam Neeson and Robbie Coltrane before they were famous - was probably the only Star Wars imitator to be decently entertaining by virtue of sheer spectacle. It didn't achieve much popularity due to being released in close proximity to Return of the Jedi. [Slightly off-topic: the Rifftrax guys will be making fun of Krull later this year in theaters.] The sight of the Glaive psyched me up because I already loved the movie. Keep an eye out for it.

No Ultraman, though. Shame.
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